Our Leadership Courses

Our leadership skills training courses analyse what makes certain leaders great.

What is it that these people have that others aspire to and respect? Our course reviews the leadership traits of successful leaders. Role plays are used to allow the delegates to put in practise the theory taught during the course. A fun course, with a quirky delivery method.

Lean Leadership Training Course

A two-day thought-provoking lean leadership training course suitable for senior executives/managers focused on sustainable lean transformation of their business.

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Presentation Skills Training Course

This two days presentation skills training course is especially suited to people who need to present a convincing case at board level, or for people who are required to make effective presentations to groups of decision makers.

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Leadership Skills Training Course

Our two day leadership training course has been designed to develop the leadership skills of individuals ranging from team leaders through to middle managers. This course involves the development of practical leadership skills via the use of interactive role play sessions.

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