We have designed a finance for non-financial managers training course suitable for line managers.

Are you sometimes confused by jargon used by accountants or your financially competent peers? There really is no need to be. They simply use a ‘language’ and a ‘set of conventions’ which when explained in plain English, make obvious sense.

What is the solution?

Our training course will give you the skills to ‘crack the financial code’ in a series of modules designed exclusively for the non-financial manager.

Whether you need to produce a business plan for your bank manager, develop a budget for your department or simply find your way around a balance sheet and a profit and loss account, we have the financial training course for you.

Our Finance for Non-Financial Managers training course is delivered in a style designed to de-mystify this topic. This course is suitable for delegates from both the public and private sectors.

Finance for Non Financial Managers Training Course

This course is suitable for non-financial managers from both the public and private sector organisations.

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