Our Training Courses

Our training courses are delivered in a practical interactive style enabling delegates to take an active role in their learning experience. The techniques, skills and methods included in our courses have all been successfully applied by our tutors in the ‘workplace’ resulting in permanent productive change for clients.

Our business training courses are grouped together in various categories.

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We have designed a finance for non-financial managers training course suitable for line managers. Are you sometimes confused by jargon used by accountants or your financially competent peers? There really is no need to be.

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Human Resources

At Aster we have developed a range of human resources training courses aimed at candidates working for SMEs through to large blue chip organisations.

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IPC 610 and Soldering Skills

We provide a range of specialist IPC 610 and soldering training courses exclusively for the electronics manufacturing sector. Contact us for a detailed summary of all the courses we can deliver in this category.

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Leadership Skills

Our leadership skills training courses analyse what makes certain leaders great. What is it that these people have that others aspire to and respect?

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Lean Manufacturing

Aster Training has developed a broad range of lean manufacturing training courses based upon the practical 'hands-on' experience of our lean trainers.

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Management Skills

Delivered in a fun, interactive style we provide a range of management skills courses suitable for first time line managers through to senior executives of companies/organisations.

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Negotiation Skills

Aster has developed a range of negotiation skills training courses suitable for novices and delegates with more experience of using negotiation techniques.

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Purchasing Skills

Our purchasing skills training courses focus on the needs of new buyers through to commodity specialists developing strategic relationships.

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Sales & Marketing

Aster provides a range of practical sales & marketing training courses. Our courses encompass the use of training games and role plays to demonstrate theory taught during each course.

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Six Sigma

Our six sigma training courses aim to provide the delegate with a progressive insight into six sigma and the benefits it can deliver to an organisation.

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