Interim Management

Aster Training is a division on Aster Interim Solutions Ltd, a company focused on providing Interim Management solutions to UK based Manufacturing organisations.

What is Interim Management?

  • Interim Management can best be described as the use of sensibly over-qualified executives on a temporary basis in order to achieve a set of specific business objectives.
  • Interim Managers unlike consultants are ‘hands-on’ individuals who operate as part of your team for the duration of their assignment.

Why would you use an Interim Manager?

  • As a  ‘Change Agent’  e.g. Introduction of Lean
  • As a ‘Facilitator’ to help your business with a particular issue
  • As a ‘Gap’ manager covering for illness or the time it takes you to recruit a permanent replacement following the sudden departure of a member of staff
  • As a Project manager to manage a specific set of objectives e.g. Factory relocation
  • As a Supplement to growth whilst infrastructure is built
  • As a Turnaround Manager
  • As a Coach or mentor to members of your executive team

Aster can provide experienced interim managers to your organisation.

Should you wish to find out more about how the use of interim management services could make a difference for your business, then contact us at or on 01296 720281.