Darren, took a big gulp of air and walked in the main office to meet the Production Manager. He had arrived early and there was no one else in the office. His isolation only served to heighten his apprehension. Today was his first official day as a Team Leader. Whilst he had been at the company for 11 years working on the assembly line, today he was starting his new role as Team Leader of Cell 2. It was all a bit surreal and he was not quite sure how both he and his workmates would react.

When the job had originally been advertised on the company job board it was a combination of his desire to progress and his wife’s persistence that had made him apply in the first place. The interview process had been daunting enough as he had not had an interview for the best part of 11 years. He was still not sure why he had got the job rather than his colleague Jim, who has been at the company longer and could operate more of the equipment. He knew he was going to get some training but he was unsure what at this stage. His thoughts were interrupted by a tap on the shoulder. When he turned around he was greeted by Chloe, the Production Manager who had just arrived . “How are you feeling?”, she said with a smile. “A bit nervous to be honest”, said Darren. “It going to be so weird after all this time telling people what to, I just hope I am up to it”.

“Nonsense”, said Chloe, “You’ll be fine. Anyway you don’t think we are going to let you loose on the shop floor without some form of Team Leader training do you. I learnt a long time ago that you simply can’t expect a person to turn up for work one day, give them a new job title and then expect them to succeed. That is what happened to me when I first became a Team Leader. I always vowed that if I ever had a senior position in a company where I could influence recruitment policy then I would make sure all new Team Leaders and Supervisors had the right training so I have arranged for you to attend Aster Training’s Team member to Team Leader training course. It covers all of the basic skills you will need to help make you a success as a Team Leader. You will also be in the training room with people from different companies who are in exactly the same position as yourself”.

“Oh, ok, that makes me felt a lot better”, said Darren,

If you would like to know more about how Aster can help in your move from Team Member to Team Leader then take a look at our Team Member to Team Leader training course which is designed to help make the transition seamless, build confidence and gives structure to the Team Leader role.