Virtual Learning Courses
Our training courses are available in an virtual learning format.

Our corporate objective is to make learning as accessible and as easy as possible for all irrespective of geography thus allowing people to learn at a pace that suits them in an environment of their choice.

How does Aster virtual learning work?

Virtual-learning allows you to learn when and how you want to from the comfort of your own office or home.

Our virtual learning (or distance learning) training courses are divided into modules made up of clearly identified topics. You can work through each module at your own pace. At the end of each module there is a written test, task or project for you to complete and then send to your designated course tutor.

Each module will be sent to you on a CD-ROM comprising a MS Powerpoint 2003 file and MS Word 2003 files. Further information may be sent to you by e-mail.

Your tutor will return your test paper or your project to you with both your test mark and some useful constructive feedback. When you have successfully completed and passed a course and feel able, you can then move onto another one until you complete your studies – it’s as simple as that.

With useful tips and self-assessment built into each of the training modules, you’ll find your confidence and ability increasing steadily as you progress through our courses.

Summary of the Aster virtual learning process

  1. Select a training course
  2. If you want to proceed, pay for the training course
  3. Upon receipt of funds Aster will send out your training course by post
  4. Aster will allocate a tutor to you
  5. Complete the modules and forward the completed test paper(s) to Aster
  6. Our Tutor will mark your test paper(s) and return them to you with constructive comments
  7. If you choose to proceed with further courses, go back to Step 1 and repeat the process

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