Value Stream Mapping Course

Our one day value stream mapping training course is suitable for demonstrating the improvements that can be made to both office and factory processes. This course is ideally suited to senior executives and managers from all disciplines. Value Stream Mapping is a diagnostic tool used to differentiate those parts of business processes that add value and create wealth from those that generate waste and ultimately reduce customer satisfaction.

What you will learn

At the conclusion of the value stream mapping training course each delegate will be able to appreciate:-

  • Where to start
  • How to identify wasteful non-value adding activities in your business
  • Learning to understand exactly what your customer actually wants
  • How to develop a plan of improvements
  • What key performance indicators to use
  • Which lean tools are suitable for your business
  • At the conclusion of the course each delegate should be able to generate an improvement plan for their own work environment.

Course Content

The course covers the following topics:-

  • What is Value Stream Mapping? – Definitions
  • Review of traditional functional business set up
  • Top level planning
  • Understanding and identifying waste – 7 Wastes
  • How to get your team on board?
  • Current state mapping
  • How to work out the process Takt time?
  • What is Continuous Flow Manufacturing?
  • Levelling, Pitch and other associated terminology
  • Future state mapping
  • Involving customers and suppliers
  • Implementation plan
  • How to measure and monitor your progress?
  • Questions & Answers
  • Practical examples from your business (In-house courses only)
  • Summary & Review

The course makes use of case studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of this lean tool in both the office and the factory. As part of the course we offer training on a second lean tool, 7 Wastes for free.

Cost: £295 plus vat per delegate. Courses are limited to a maximum of twelve delegates. Course cost covers the training session, a comprehensive set of course notes, lunch and refreshments. This is a non-residential training course. This course can be delivered in-house if required. For further information contact Aster Training on 01296 720281 for a Free Consultation to discuss your training requirements.

Our Reviews

Encourages Debate

Review by George Groves, Innocent Drinks

"Paul delivers training in a really approachable way, breaking it down into understandable chunks whilst encouraging debate."

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Encourages Debate

Review by George Groves, Innocent Drinks

"Paul delivers training in a really approachable way, breaking it down into understandable chunks whilst encouraging debate."

Clear Learning

Review by Innocent Drinks

"Clear learning with good supporting materials and a helpful and patient trainer."

Easy to Understand

Review by Joe Rackstraw, Innocent Drinks

"Made a daunting subject simple and easy to understand."

Good Pace

Review by David Miller, Innocent Drinks

"Good pace to the course with clear explanations and examples."

Very Good

Review by Atlas Leisure Homes

"Very good course, interesting and very helpful. Look forward to using new techniques."

Easy to relate to.

Review by Clare Cooper, Operational Improvement, Atlas Leisure Homes

"The course was very relatable to our business."

Very Knowledgeable

Review by Maverick Williamson, Atlas Leisure Homes

"Paul was very knowledgeable."

Really good knowledge on topic

Review by Cassandra Hards, Technical Ops Leader, Innocent Drinks

"Really good knowledge on topic and easy concepts presented."

Great to see it from a Service Based Perspective.

Review by Helen Lang, Productivity Team Leader, Innocent

"As always a really good course and great to get the opportunity to see VSM from a service based perspective."

Clear Progression

Review by Shannon O'Mallet, Innocent Drinks

"There was a really clear progression from theory and concept to the output and how you use the value stream mapping tool. Lots of discussion to challenge how you can think about a specific topic, which was great."