Team Leader Training Course

This Team Leader training course is ideally suited to personnel from any background who has recently been promoted from within a team to become a team leader, supervisor or line manager.

Being promoted from within your peer group to lead the group can be a daunting proposition. Often individuals are expected to take on this new role with limited training and without fully understanding the problems this change can bring to the existing group dynamic. This practical training course has been designed using the experiences of line managers and team leaders who have been in exactly the same position. This course represents a summary of the tips and techniques they have used to ease seamlessly into a line management role.

What you will learn

At the conclusion of the course each delegate will be able to:-

  • Perform team leading duties with increased confidence
  • Have access to a portfolio of tips, techniques and methodologies used to create an effective team
  • Project themselves as an effective leader
  • Understand how to gain acceptance of their new position from their own peer group

Course Content

The course explains how you can gain acceptance as the team leader:-

  • Effective Communication –Horizontal & Vertical, written, verbal and overt
  • Using the group dynamic and internal politics to your advantage
  • Understanding the 360° Mirror Principle
  • Learning when and how to Delegate- Using the full resources of the team
  • Managing your time effectively – Identifying priorities, managing meetings and monitoring progress
  • Team Building – Setting Goals & Objectives (MBO)
  • Positive Re-enforcement – MBWA, Bumble Bee Principle, Helicopter Principle
  • Getting the basics right in disciplinary and grievance situations
  • Learning how to motivate others

This is a non-residential training course. This course can be delivered in-house. For further information contact Aster Training on 01296 720281 for a Free Consultation to discuss your training requirements.


Courses are limited to a maximum of twelve delegates. Cost: £295 plus vat per delegate. Course costs cover the training sessions, a comprehensive set of course notes and an attendance certificate.

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Tailored to our Requirements

Review by Callum McGinley

"The course covers everything."

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Tailored to our Requirements

Review by Callum McGinley

"The course covers everything."

Very Good

Review by Dave Barber, Rubber 4 Roofs

"Very good course"


Review by Jamie Krumins, Rubber 4 Roofs

"Excellent, really enjoyed it."

Informative and productive

Review by Ali Smith, Operational Process Team Leader, Shanks Waste Management

"The course was very informative and also productive. I have ended the day with plans for the future and ways to improve my team"

Excellent Course

Review by Mark Steel, Information & Sales Supervisor, Birmingham Hippodrome.

"Excellent Course. Very relevant to my position. I now have lots of practical advice I can take away with me back to my job"

Clear, precise and descriptive

Review by Lee Brummitt, Team Leader, Matthew Brand Solutions

"I wouldn't change the course, Alex was very clear, precise, descriptive and engaging. Very interesting, maybe a little more in the folder for future reference."

Well presented and very informative

Review by Georgia Thompson, Team Leader, Micro Circuit Engineering

"Have enjoyed the course very much. I found it very well presented, very informative and a great help for me in my future development as a team leader"

Interesting and interactive

Review by Clive Jacobs, Test Manager, Micro Circuit Engineering

"A very knowledgeable trainer who presented the topic in an interesting and interactive way"


Review by Louise Daker, MBS

"Hello Paul, I participated in one of your team leader training courses in June of this year that was undertaken by one of your consultants. I wanted to let you know that since the course, I have been working towards NVQ level 3 in Business Administration and have done further tests with the self diagnostic tool as part of my skills project. I rolled out Asters diagnostic tool to my team and they completed the questionnaires as an assessment on me as their team leader rather than an assessment of themsleves. My findings supported the diagnostic tool , as they were the same as my own assessment. This confirms to me that the managerial style grid and questionnaire are an accurate means of determining a person's management style. I really enjoyed the project and i have Aster Training to thank for that."

Valuable skills

Review by Damanciano D'souza, Team Leader, Alcatel-Lucent.

"Team Leader skills that can improve a productive team" clear, precise and descriptive "