5S in the Office Training Course

This one day 5S in the Office training course is ideally suited to personnel from all disciplines in an office environment. It is often overlooked that there is a lot of ‘waste’ in the office as everyone looks busy all of the time, with many people multi-tasking. This course looks at how you can make your staff more effective and productive without anyone working any harder, just smarter.

5S is concerned with the elimination of the ‘7 wastes’ by the introduction of world class workplace organisation, visual management and immaculate housekeeping.

What are the 7 Wastes?

By reviewing just 7 wastes in our organisation, we can account for over 80% of the waste we are likely to find in an office environment. 5S can help to address this waste and either reduce it significantly or eliminate it all together.

What you will learn

At the conclusion of the 5S in the Office training course each delegate will be able to:

  • Identify the 7 Wastes in their own working environment.
  • Understand the benefits of working in a ‘clutter’ free environment.
  • Recognise the usefulness of signage, colour and location as part of a visual management strategy.
  • Design and implement a 5S audit programme.
  • Provide the right conditions for ‘sustainability’.
  • Generate a structured programme to eliminate waste.
  • Implement a review process.

Course Content

The 5S in the Office training course covers the following topics:-

  • 5S – Definitions
  • In depth review of the benefits to an organisation
  • 7 Wastes – Learning ‘how to see’ office waste
  • Understanding Technological & Departmental Disconnects
  • The company intranet and ‘virtual’ folders/information stores
  • The 5 steps to office improvement
  • Creating a ‘Visual’ Office
  • Introduction of a 5S audit process
  • How to implement 5S
  • Selection of a 5S pilot project
  • How to sustain a 5S programme
  • Practical review of current workplace (In house course only)
  • Project Implementation & Review

This training course uses practical examples to re-enforce the theory. As part of the 5S in the Office course, each delegate will get the opportunity to carry out an actual 5S audit (In house course only).

The 5S in the Office training course is limited to a maximum of twelve delegates. Course costs cover the training sessions, a comprehensive set of course notes, lunch, refreshments and an attendance certificate.

This is a non-residential training course. This course can be delivered in-house if required. For further information, contact Aster Training on 01296 720281 for a Free consultation to discuss your training requirements.

Cost: £295 plus vat per delegate. Cost is exclusive of VAT which is chargeable at the current rate. 5S in the Office training course prices are correct at the time of publishing, but may be varied in line with market conditions from time to time.

Our Reviews

Much better

Review by Carol Peacock, Clerical Assistant, School of Engineering & Informatics, University of Sussex

"Had received some training in LEAN in a previous role several years ago, this was much better."

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Much better

Review by Carol Peacock, Clerical Assistant, School of Engineering & Informatics, University of Sussex

"Had received some training in LEAN in a previous role several years ago, this was much better."

Will definitely implement 5S

Review by Lynn Gibbs, School Administrator, University of Sussex

"Will definitely implement 5S in our school as we are only part way there with current practices."

Ready to Launch

Review by University of Sussex

"The course covered both the broad principles and the particulars of applying them in practice. I could see colleagues felt ready to launch by the end of the day."


Review by G.Tomkins

"Very Good Structure."

Clear Message

Review by Alan Hoskins, Director of Procurement, NHS

"I felt the course delivered a clear message."

Real life Examples

Review by Jackie Pomeroy, Deputy Supply Chain Manager, NHS

"Good content, well delivered and explained with real life examples that all could relate to."


Review by E. Vials, Senior R&D Coordinator, NHS

"Excellent course and trainer. It kept my interest all day."

Good Style

Review by Sara Pearce, Procurement Manager, NHS

"Paul has a good style, easy to listen to and apply what was being said to real life."

Good knowledge from tutor

Review by Billy Allen, Procurement Manager, NHS

"Very enjoyable, excellent knowledge demonstrated by the tutor."

Very Relevant

Review by John Heehnan, Operational & Supply Chain Manager, NHS

"The course was well structured and very relevant to our particular department."